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Recycling Services for Affinity Waste Solutions

Multi Family Waste and Recycling Services

Including Bulk Removal, Roll-Offs, and Pressure Washing

Trash Worker for Affinity Waste Solutions

What Affinity Does

Logo Affinity Waste Solutions

Affinity Waste Solutions, LLC is a waste and recycling company that services multi-family complexes. We have clean bins left outside of each door, and on schedule, workers go door to door picking up the trash so that your tenants do not need to drag their trash down the stairs, or across the property to the waste containers themselves. Our valet trash service is designed to help tenants and the community have one less chore to worry while keeping the property clean.

Waste and Recycling Services

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Valet Trash

Bulk Item Removal Truck - Mattresses and Couches

Bulk Removal

Clean out of a unit or room

Trash Out Service

Truck Roll off container for all trash

Roll-Off Containers

Pressure Washing Worker

Pressure Washing

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“Justin and Cole are the Dynamic dual super heroes of the Valet Trash Industry. I love that they are deeply involved in their communities and my team deeply cherishes their partnership and relationship. I believe their mantra should be 'you call and we’ll pick up'."


—  Jose, Regional Manager

Comprehensive Multi-Family Valet Trash Solutions: Waste and Recycling Services, Bulk Removal, Roll-Offs, and Pressure Washing Excellence!

Elevate the cleanliness and sustainability of your multi-family community with our comprehensive Valet Trash and Recycling Services at Affinity Waste Solutions. From efficient Bulk Removal to the convenience of Roll-Offs and the transformative power of Pressure Washing, we offer a full suite of waste solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of your property. Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of waste management is seamlessly handled. Trust us to not only streamline waste disposal for you and your residents, but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your community. Experience the difference with Affinity Waste Solutions – where excellence in seemingly infinity trash and recycling services meets the unique demands of apartment living.

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